Welcome to the Ceramic Center in Rufford, United Kingdom.

Our vision as a learning center is to ensure that students acquire knowledge on a range of techniques that would help them to develop their independent specialty in decorating, throwing, hand building, trimming, and the application of various firing techniques.

Students undertaking a program with us are presented with a solid foundation of technical and creative skills to develop a strong personal direction with their work.


Our Ceramic Center in Rufford has a block of eight classrooms, a technology room, glaze lab and a full patio for clay mixing. The ceramics program features a variety of kilns and electric wheels, a RAM press and other equipment. We also have a separate studio for ceramics graduates.

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Our ceramic learning center is designed to offer you a variety of opportunities and resources. Being one of the most dynamic areas in the United Kingdom, Rufford provides you the opportunity to participate in different types of artistic events and interact with various artists within the city.

Steps to Apply

Prospective students in the Ceramic Center are expected to select their major course choice through the application process.

In case you hold a Bachelors graduate degree with grade -point average of 3.00, you are eligible to apply for admission to Graduate Education.

In addition to the above requirement, kindly check the admission requirements for your chosen program of study.


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