Welcome to the Ceramic Center in Rufford, United Kingdom.

We are a dynamic ceramic technology center with many years of delivering high-quality Ceramic wares through our dedicated students.

Our extensive collection of beautifully designed products includes tableware, jewelry, stoneware, décor, and other works of art that comes in varieties of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs.

Since our establishment, we have successfully trained thousands of students in a wide variety of Ceramic Courses and Pottery workshops. Our learning program can be divided into categories or levels ranging from beginners, advanced and the professional stage.

Our program comes with a variety of courses that discuss ceramic processes such as decorating, throwing, hand building, trimming, study and the application of various firing techniques.

We are passionate about imbibing passion and excellence to our students, ensuring that the glory of the ceramic center in the United Kingdom is sustained.

With well qualified and professional potters and trainers in our center, state- of -the -art tools, coupled with an organized method of operation, we are seen as one of the most valued, finest ceramic centers delivering value in the ceramic art throughout the United Kingdom.

We consistently stand out in delivering quality programs and service to our numerous students and our immediate community and this is because we offer a wide variety of products and learning services designed to suit every skill level. With this feat, there has been continuous monumental progress which reflects the crop of students we have produced over the years, who are impacting their circles as the most sought -after potters.

It is, therefore, our goal to offer a facility dedicated to continual education in the ceramic art, and making it a meeting ground in a place rich in English culture.